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Welcome to the ultimate healthcare experience.

Concierge is for the sophisticated and discerning gentle man or lady who wants a little bit more out of their healthcare experience. We know your health is the most delicate part of your existence and the engine behind your success at home, life and business. That’s why we combined the best of technology and medicine to craft a healthcare experience tailor-made for you. From a dedicated medical team to a personalized health plan and continuous health monitoring, we take care of your health so you can focus on what matters most.

Healthcare in Ghana and Africa as a whole is based on a reactive system where you wait until you are sick before seeking care and sometimes its too late. At Concierge we believe in a proactive care approach where issues are identified before its too late. So from standard monthly check-ups to remote monitoring we will always stay on top of your health and provide you with proactive measures when needed so you can make the right decisions about your health before its too late.

Your medical team will work with you to understand your goals, routine and health profile so they can design a personalized care plan tailor-made for you. But we just don't stop there. You'll always have a team of medical experts at your beck and call to ensure you stay on track with your health.

Your care, Personalized


Proactive, Not Reactive

We believe care should be dynamic and adapt to the patient's lifestyle. That's why at concierge we follow you wherever your day takes you. So whether you need care at home, in your office or wherever your day takes you, your medical team will meet you there. You can also walk-in to our bespoke doctor office anytime for a private consultation with your doctor without the stress, frustration and wait experienced at traditional clinics. 

Wait Less, See Your Docta More

Care doesn't stop when you leave your doctor's sight. With concierge, your phone is now an extension of your care team wherever life takes you. You can connect with your medical team via video, audio or text all through our mobile app. You will also have access to your health information and timely notifications from your medical team via the app. Our goal is always to make it easy for you to manage and stay on top of your health.

Technology Powered Care

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