Technology has changed everything. Except your doctor's office.

Until now.


Re-imagining the face of modern healthcare in Africa.

We are combining the best of technology and modern medicine to build a network of modern world-class mini clinics across communities in Africa that will deliver affordable high quality care to patients closer to home.

The first healthcare system

built from the ground up around you.


World-class care goes beyond treating a disease. We believe where a patient receives care is as important as the care they receive. That's why every Docta Clinic offers a clean, healing and comfortable environment where every patient can walk-in and be welcomed by a caring and talented medical team that will treat them with dignity and respect. We also value our patient's time that's why we built technology that optimizes patient throughput, allowing patients to schedule an appointment via an app and expect no more than a 5 mins wait time because we know life happens outside of a clinic not in it.


By focusing on lean operation and keeping our real estate footprint low, we can scale our distribution to 100s and 1000s of locations closer to the patient's home rather than a few big locations unevenly dispersed and farther away from the patient. This means with Docta Clinic, patients can enjoy the convenience of receiving world-class care closer to home.


Even the highest quality healthcare facilities and care delivery models won’t be enough to change the face of healthcare in Africa if it is not affordable to a large majority of the population. Our goal with Docta Clinics is to make it affordable for people of all income levels and class. By keeping our real estate foot print low, focusing on lean operation and smart application of technology, we can eliminate a lot of overhead cost and keep our prices affordable for everyone.

Technology Powered Care.

Care doesn't stop when you leave your doctor's sight. With smart application of technology across all our clinics, we can extend our reach and follow-up with patients well after they have left our clinic. This means your phone is now an extension of your care team wherever life takes you. So, from free follow-ups with your doctor via video call, to 24/7 access to your medical information, to actionable plans of care to help you stay on track with your health, your dedicated Docta app empowers you to take control of your health anytime anywhere.