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The danger of the single story is not that it is untrue but that it is incomplete. For decades, the world has looked at Malaria and AIDS as the single story of Africa's health care system. Yet hidden behind this media hysteria are the untold stories of men and women who are victims of a broken healthcare system that was never designed with them in mind. This is the story of the forgotten patients.

Eunice (Maa-U) is a single mother who runs a little fresh food stand at a local market in Accra, Ghana and earns between $200-300 every month. When Maa-U gets sick, she often has to make the hard choice between earning a living and receiving great care. This is because going to the clinic means she has to close down her shop for the whole day and go queue at a clinic often in less than ideal conditions just to see a doctor. This is something Maa-U can't afford, so she resorts to self medication or waits till her condition gets really bad before seeking care. This is bad for her health and bad for her child.


With Docta Clinic, Maa-U will be able to schedule an appointment at one of our clinic locations via an app on her smart phone so she can come in and see her doctor with little to no wait time and return to what's most important in her life. Every Docta Clinic will have a clean, healing and comfortable environment  where Maa-U will always be treated with dignity and respect by a team of caring and talented medical professionals..

How to get involved

12-month operational cost for one clinic

Total est. cost: $130,540

The Docta Hero Bracelet

  The DOCTA HERO bracelets are hand woven and produced by local female artisans in Accra, Ghana. In the Ghanaian culture, it is used to show appreciation to someone. The materials for the bracelets were locally sourced from female owned businesses to support their enterprises. Wearing the bracelet will remind you of the support you have given to provide better healthcare to communities in Ghana. follow this link to claim your bracelet after you have donated.

The Docta Hero Wall

Once the clinic is built, there will be a designated wall in the reception area with the names of individuals and institutions who donated $100 or more inscribed on it. The wall will be called the Docta Hero Wall. This is to show appreciation to all those who donated to support this cause.

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